Technology for your world, your way

Where smart comes home.

A Crestron Showroom offers you the chance to explore your own home’s true potential. This is where you can get to know our technology and see how it can transform your environment for better living. It’s invisible luxury that has to be seen.

Invisible luxury.

We live in a world where we have never been more connected, with ‘always on’, demanding lifestyles, working across time zones, time codes and 24 hours. When you don’t have time, time is exactly what you wish for. Crestron helps you get it back, with technology that keeps pace.

By connecting your space, through light, heat, sound and vision, you can take command of your environment, optimising your home to suit you. It’s about setting the right mood or security you can rely on. It’s about the cinema experience and a warm welcome after a long day. It’s about knowing you, knowing what you need and when you need it. This is the technology of lifestyles. The technology of living well.

A lifestyle choice

Imagine a perfect day that started with the touch of a button. One touch of the ‘wake’ scene and your lights gently illuminate, as you step into the pre-heated bathroom and the TV turns on to your favourite morning show. With just one touch. Of just one button. And this is just the beginning, in a home where all the technology is seamlessly integrated and commanded by one touch technology – across all mobile devices.
What do Crestron do? Leading technology for advanced home automation. We like to think of it as perfect days and perfect nights.

Intelligent ideas brought to life.

Our home is where we show you the potential in yours with a complete demonstration of all our technology systems. Come and experience invisible luxury, you’re always welcome at our house.